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No find 石林西

 The shilinxi Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D8612  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 PuZheHei (普者黑)
EMU 08:10 09:08 1h0m 154Km
  D3921/D3924  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 BeiHai (北海)
EMU 08:21 14:01 5h42m 868Km
  D3902  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuiLin (桂林)
EMU 08:38 15:31 6h55m 1039Km
  D3813/D3816  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 09:43 17:33 7h53m 1234Km
  D3904  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuiLinBei (桂林北)
EMU 10:16 16:59 6h45m 843Km
  D3817/D3820  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 10:28 18:12 7h46m 1234Km
  D8621  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 10:28 10:49 24m 49Km
  D8611  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 10:37 10:58 0m 49Km
  D3821/D3824  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 11:01 18:24 7h25m 1234Km
  D3932/D3933  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 11:10 13:56 2h49m 405Km
  D3968  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 HengYangDong (衡阳东)
EMU 11:27 21:43 10h18m 1381Km
  D8706/D8707  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 11:44 14:46 3h5m 405Km
  D3936/D3937  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 12:06 15:01 2h58m 405Km
  D3837/D3840  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 12:34 20:12 7h40m 1234Km
  D3935/D3938  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 BeiHai (北海)
EMU 12:51 18:35 5h46m 868Km
  D3841/D3844  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 13:25 21:31 8h8m 1234Km
  D3922/D3923  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 13:37 13:55 21m 49Km
  D3903  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 14:13 14:31 21m 49Km
  D3943/D3946  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuiLinBei (桂林北)
EMU 14:20 20:50 6h33m 1047Km
  D3944/D3945  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 14:26 17:13 2h50m 405Km
  D3802/D3803  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 14:39 17:42 3h6m 405Km
  D3941  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 14:56 15:17 24m 49Km
  D3853/D3856  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 14:58 22:26 7h31m 1234Km
  D3948/D3949  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 15:07 18:15 3h11m 405Km
  D3947/D3950  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 BeiHai (北海)
EMU 15:08 20:33 5h27m 868Km
  D3937/D3940  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 BeiHai (北海)
EMU 15:19 21:14 5h57m 868Km
  D3946  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 GuiLin (桂林)
EMU 15:44 22:41 7h0m 1039Km
  D3952/D3953  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 16:00 18:55 2h58m 405Km
  D3814/D3815  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 16:06 16:24 21m 49Km
  D3925/D3928  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 BeiHai (北海)
EMU 16:12 22:10 6h0m 868Km
  D8671/D8674  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 MiLe (弥勒)
EMU 16:24 16:39 17m 43Km
  D3956/D3957  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 16:41 19:42 3h4m 405Km
  D3960/D3961  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 16:56 19:54 3h1m 405Km
  D3822/D3823  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 17:07 17:25 21m 49Km
  D8719/D8718  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 DaLi (大理)
EMU 17:18 20:29 3h14m 405Km
  D3914  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 17:35 22:13 4h40m 671Km
  D8683/D8686  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 FuNing (富宁)
EMU 17:43 19:32 1h51m 317Km
  D3910  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 18:50 22:59 4h12m 671Km
  D3842/D3843  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 19:21 19:39 21m 49Km
  D8614  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 PuZheHei (普者黑)
EMU 19:31 20:29 1h0m 154Km
  D3846/D3847  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 19:33 19:51 21m 49Km
  D3926/D3927  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 20:07 20:26 22m 49Km
  D8624  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 MiLe (弥勒)
EMU 20:11 20:29 20m 43Km
  D3850/D3851  ShiLinXi (石林西)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 20:20 20:38 21m 49Km
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