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 The taiguxi Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D2567  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 LanZhouXi (兰州西)
EMU 08:12 14:53 6h44m 1100Km
  D5312  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 08:43 09:03 22m 47Km
  D5342  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 08:43 09:03 22m 47Km
  D1954/D1955  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 ChongQingXi (重庆西)
EMU 08:46 17:16 8h43m 1270Km
  D5317  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YongJiBei (永济北)
EMU 09:01 11:08 2h9m 362Km
  D5314  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 09:46 10:13 29m 47Km
  D2004  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
EMU 10:42 15:01 4h21m 560Km
  D2511  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 XiAnBei (西安北)
EMU 10:56 14:15 3h21m 532Km
  D2583  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 XiAnBei (西安北)
EMU 10:56 14:07 3h13m 524Km
  D2504  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 11:29 11:49 23m 42Km
  D5351  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 HongDongXi (洪洞西)
EMU 11:38 12:37 1h2m 166Km
  G627  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
高速铁路 11:45 13:37 1h54m 309Km
  D2508  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 HuaiRenDong (怀仁东)
EMU 12:30 15:05 2h37m 278Km
  D2582  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 DaTongNan (大同南)
EMU 12:30 15:26 2h58m 315Km
  D2515  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 XiAnBei (西安北)
EMU 12:51 16:18 3h29m 532Km
  D1635/D1638  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 QingDao (青岛)
EMU 13:30 21:12 7h44m 990Km
  G616  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
高速铁路 13:46 17:27 3h44m 560Km
  G605  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YongJiBei (永济北)
高速铁路 14:08 16:38 2h32m 362Km
  D2512  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 14:28 14:48 22m 47Km
  D2565  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 LanZhouXi (兰州西)
EMU 15:22 21:48 6h28m 1100Km
  D5318  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 15:54 16:14 22m 47Km
  D5308  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YuanPingXi (原平西)
EMU 15:55 17:28 1h36m 158Km
  G628  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
高速铁路 16:33 20:27 3h56m 560Km
  D5329  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
EMU 16:56 18:47 1h53m 309Km
  G2622/G2623  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
高速铁路 17:25 19:24 2h1m 309Km
  D2524  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 17:49 18:16 29m 47Km
  D2571  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 BaoJiNan (宝鸡南)
EMU 18:17 22:35 4h20m 699Km
  D1643/D1646  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 JiNanXi (济南西)
EMU 18:27 22:37 4h13m 577Km
  D1957/D1960  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 18:43 19:03 23m 47Km
  D5378  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 DaTongNan (大同南)
EMU 19:06 21:58 2h55m 323Km
  D2531  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 XiAnBei (西安北)
EMU 19:07 22:22 3h18m 532Km
  D5305  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
EMU 19:38 21:48 2h13m 309Km
  D5326  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 20:45 21:05 22m 47Km
  D5337  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
EMU 20:49 22:56 2h9m 309Km
  D2530  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 20:55 21:15 22m 47Km
  D5375  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 YunChengBei (运城北)
EMU 20:59 22:58 2h1m 309Km
  D5328  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 21:44 22:04 22m 47Km
  D5336  TaiGuXi (太谷西)
 TaiYuanNan (太原南)
EMU 21:45 22:05 22m 47Km
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