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 The hailaer Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K19  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 02:13 04:17 2h12m 191Km
  4181/4184  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManGui (满归)
Ordinary quick 05:32 18:25 12h53m 523Km
  4181/4184  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 JinLin (金林)
Ordinary quick 05:32 15:30 9h58m 396Km
  K7057  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 05:37 07:49 2h24m 186Km
  K274/K275  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 06:16 08:23 2h17m 142Km
  6238/6239  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 TaErQi (塔尔气)
Ordinary quick 06:35 14:13 7h38m 348Km
  6238/6239  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Ordinary quick 06:35 11:00 4h25m 245Km
  K7091  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 06:36 08:42 2h16m 150Km
  K7095/K7094  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 07:00 08:25 25h25m 778Km
  2623  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Ordinary quick 07:02 09:27 2h37m 186Km
  K996/K997  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 07:18 16:13 56h55m 4123Km
  4180  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 AErShanBei (阿尔山北)
Ordinary quick 08:10 12:58 4h48m 268Km
  K1259  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 08:11 10:26 2h23m 182Km
  K5182  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 09:15 19:18 10h3m 771Km
  4185  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Ordinary quick 10:07 12:20 2h13m 186Km
  4188  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
Ordinary quick 11:35 19:50 8h23m 507Km
  4191  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Ordinary quick 12:55 15:00 2h5m 186Km
  K273/K276  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
Fast train 14:08 21:56 31h58m 2302Km
  K2122  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ChangChun (长春)
Fast train 15:21 05:15 13h54m 1014Km
  K1302  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 15:46 21:07 29h32m 2081Km
  K7167/K7170  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 GenHe (根河)
Fast train 15:57 22:30 7h10m 344Km
  K1260  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 JinZhou (锦州)
Fast train 16:15 11:56 19h51m 1371Km
  K1301  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 16:25 18:53 2h40m 174Km
  4187  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Ordinary quick 17:18 19:52 2h43m 186Km
  2084  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Ordinary quick 20:10 20:30 24h20m 1663Km
  K7092  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 21:03 06:33 9h40m 778Km
  K7084  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 21:17 07:00 9h43m 771Km
  K925/K928  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 21:34 13:56 40h22m 2905Km
  4167/4170  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 MoErDaoGa (莫尔道嘎)
Ordinary quick 21:48 08:38 10h50m 441Km
  K7058  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 22:58 09:23 10h38m 778Km
  K1304  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 23:46 08:52 33h6m 2086Km
  2624  HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Ordinary quick 23:57 22:58 23h9m 1710Km
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